Top 9 Hit Movies and TV Dramas of 2022

When everything came to a halt during COVID, one thing was not punctuated with full stop - TV. The channels introduced various web series and dramas to entertain their audience and keep their interest alive. It was pitched with drama, twists, fun, and turns with a neatly weaved story. Here, we have written a list of hit TV dramas where the subjects were very trippy and thought-provoking. Please have a look at it.

Hit TV dramas and series that performed exceptionally well

We have listed TV dramas and series that are worth watching. Each story is different and unique. The characters are not stereotypical and take you away from obsolete stigmas. Most of them are based on real-life characters and are inspired by the podcast. It does not fall short of expectations, which is our guarantee. You can view them on NetFlix, Apple TV, etc. The thought-provoking dramas will enrich your life with creative thinking and transcend you in their world.

1. Euphoria

This TV show is woven around a group of high school students and their tryst with hot familiar subjects like love, sex, drama, friendship, social media, and trauma. It is inspired by an Israeli show. The drama kicks off with a character named Rue, she is a drug addict and is freshly released from rehab, and once she returns home, she immediately buys drugs from a drug dealer and her friend Jules Vaughn, who is transgender. Juxtaposing it, another character is shown in the series Nate; she is an 11-year-old girl who suffers from resentment, anger, and anxiety issues. The characters shed off the inhibition and let us enter a real society loaded with drug addicts and traumatic patients.

2. This is going to hurt

Crafted impeccably and blended with humor, this TV show strikes the audience's heart with compassion. It is a story that works around a junior doctor named Adam Key and his immensely stressful personal and professional life. One thing that this TV show wants to draw attention to is the emotional and mental trauma of working with the NHS. It is not a stereotypical show loaded with drama; it showcases the harsh reality of our unsung heroes. The actors have performed well and have lent voice to the junior doctors through this series.

3. We work We crashed

The web series, we crashed, narrates the story of an ambitious entrepreneur, Adam Neuman, and his wife, Rebekah Neumann. Wondery Podcast inspires the story. It is a true story of a real estate firm owner who started a business with the idea of lending co-working space to various start-ups and new entrepreneurs. The company grew rapidly, and even SoftBank invested in the firm; however, the happiness was taken aback when its IPO was launched. Many investors backed themselves, and Adam Neumann stepped down from the CEO position. It is not a type casted story where an entrepreneur worked hard and minted money.

4. The Batman

The most beloved character of Batman was back with revenge and a cape. It once again generated curiosity among the audience and made them hooked to their TV screen for a long time. The story grappled us with shock, amusement, and curiosity. It revolved around a brutal murderer who left clues for Batman to discover who he was. As the evidence made him closer to the perpetrator, he changed his plans. Watch the saga of a sadistic criminal and his tryst with Batman- the superhero.

5. Terror

A terror TV series blocked us from getting imprisoned in our thoughts during the lockdown. The classic series took us to the rotten world of supernatural tragedies. It discovered a world where being normal is something abnormal. The thriller takes us to the expedition of treacherous Northwest passage, haunted by a Polar bear like a predator, which stalks the ship and disintegrates it. It is a contrasting story of survival and brutal deaths.

6. God Father

The 10 episode saga embarks on transformation. It is a story that revolves around the Corleone family and the metamorphosis of their youngest son. The web series has been nominated for Academy Awards and holds a 97% approval rating based on 133 reviews. It is the greatest critically acclaimed must-watch series that transcends a viewer's expectations and has established benchmarks for American tv dramas.

7. The Drop Out

The scandalous story takes you out of the sweetness of life and lands you in a world full of drama. It is a story of a self-made billionaire who claims to perform a blood test with a single drop of blood; however, it proved false. The reporter discovered the fraud, which led to a series of twists and tales in the life of a billionaire. The story is based on real-life and maneuvers you towards the truth.

8. The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

The HBO series has tried to recreate the magic of the most iconic sports franchises in the world. It is a fast-paced drama series that takes you to the 1980s era of the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty. It essays the meteoric rise of the team both on and off the court. Its cast, John C Reilly, Stephen, and Quincy, has performed exceptionally well.

9. Abbott Elementary

The story is of passionate teachers and their struggle with students and how they worked dedicatedly to make them succeed in life. It revolves around Philadelphia-based school teachers who are outnumbered and underfunded, yet they pave the way to success for the students because they are determined to do it. The cast performance is stellar, and the teacher's attitude hooks the audience.

In the End

TV dramas have become a new way of entertainment. Gone are the days when people used to watch struggling stories of poor men turning into rich men or charming characters; now, they want a shade of reality. The drama mentioned above and the web series have an entertainment quotient with a pinch of reality. These stories leave you awestruck and inspire you to put your best foot forward.



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