8 Film and TV Works You Must Watch Once in a Lifetime

A woman's role in our family, society, culture and evolution is hard to define. Their selfless dedication and sacrifice in the interest of the family are exemplary in every way. Also, you can enjoy these films or TV series with your dear mom to celebrate Mother's Day

Women in movies act as a catalyst of change

The list of women who made a difference can be a rather long one, and then many unsung heroes continue to toil hard every day to make a difference in our lives. Perhaps this reality is very lucidly projected by some of them and directly impacts the social system.


This Nora Ephron movie makes for an absolute visual and emotional treat. A tale of two real-life icons, Julie Powel and Julia Child, who never met in reality, this movie exhibits the passion and conviction driving both these women. Julia, the way she fought her way into studying at the Cordon Bleu academy, and Julie finding redemption in her cooking and strength to deal with the discontentment of the job and life in general. Both Julie and Julia become icons who dare to dream and work to fructify it, empowering more women to take the plunge when they are convinced.

3 Generations/ About Ray

While you can debate on the film quality and other such minor issues, this film's handling of the transgender issues generational development is an absolutely heartening change. This is strikingly different from the way LGBTQ issues are dealt with in mainstream cinema. It addresses sexual concerns in a rather pragmatic manner, something that most women are conditioned to not think about or even keep suppressed. This is not just about the protagonist of this film but also highlights the overall social need.

Little women

The cinematic version of Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women, this movie stands apart from both in its treatment and the approach. Though there have been many adaptations of this novel, this 2019 movie brings out a contemporary essence to a story set in the late 1800s. Realistic and enduring in more ways than we care to consider, this is a story that sets the agenda for women's emancipation in the right perspective. The national consciousness and the pathos overwhelm the overall experience.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This is another tale of the firebrand American lawyer and jurist who served the Supreme Court in the late 1990s. Nominated by Bill Clinton, she had many firsts to her credit, and the movie does justice in celebrating her role in empowering women in many ways nationally. This is essentially the tale of a woman who fought for women's rights and equality and is often synonymous with the concept of creating a level playing field for women.

Striking TV series glorifying women

However, films have a limiting impact on a person, primarily because these are seen once and forgotten. In contrast, TV series continue to influence people a lot more strongly because of the frequency one watches them. This is exactly why some of the women characters these portray always have a more striking impact.

The Queen's Gambit

You may want to see it just as a mere chess player's struggle. But it is more than that. The protagonist is battling against a room full of aspiring male champions and the societal pressure that does not even believe a woman can excel. It conveys a message that a woman who does not conform to the socially acceptable parameters and is yet a winner in more than one way. She manages to create her own niche and shine there beautifully.

The Crown

The Glitz and the glamour of the Buckingham Palace is there for all to enjoy, but the Queen is more than just a wealthy monarch living a life of luxury. She is a mother, a wife and a daughter too and the travails of her life show how much strength she needs to maintain her calm and poise and at the same time do her duty well in a responsible and honest manner. It is a constructive portrayal of the challenges that women face and how each one deals with it in a manner that they are able to. The best part is how women never give up, and their grit is what is inspiring at every point.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Inspired by a real-life character, this is again a story of a woman's grit and gumption and how she deals with societal pressure. As we come face to face with Kimmy Schmidt, who is rescued after 15 years in a cult, her decision to reclaim her life almost becomes the struggle for every viewer watching. Her enthusiasm and efforts make her battle as a woman amazing and offers lessons in excellence for many of us out there.

Why Women Kill

Women are ingrained with dos and don'ts, and this series shows the three women from three different generations, and their effort to break free is inspiring at many levels. It shows the desperation and the loneliness that women feel even when they have the so-called 'luxuries of life'. It brings out the pathos of a woman's solitary strife to make a difference and be her own in a world run by men. (Season 2 is coming out June 3!)


Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that celebrating the spirit of womanhood is all about accepting the power and responsibility we associate with women. We often address women as the fairer sex and allude to their physically fragile selves. But the fact is that the woman alone can be a mother, someone who can digest immeasurable pain for her child. Let social conditioning and patriarchal value systems not undermine the crucial role they play.



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