7 Sleep Disturbing Things & Their Solutions

Did you ever think, why do I feel tired when I wake up? Well, waking up exhausted is quite common. This can happen no matter how sound your sleep was. It disturbs the whole day and affects your performance during your work. I had problems with sleep and being tired for a lot of time, and I investigated some of the reasons why a person can be tired even after a long night's sleep and what can a person do to prevent this from happening. Read on for the advice.

Things to Know About Sleep

Feeling sleepy after waking up can lead to a bad day, and nobody wants that. Let us discuss some important things about sleep you should know first.

1. Sleep cycle

Sleep cycle actually lasts for 90 minutes and there are five stages of sleep in it. The first four stages of the sleep cycle make up our NREM (non-rapid eye movement) and the final stage is when the REM (rapid eye movement sleep) occurs.

2. Sleep phases

  • REM sleep . REM (rapid eye movement) is the final stage of sleep which is mostly responsible for all of our dreams. During this phase, we feel bursts of the rapid movement of the eye, not moving constantly, but they do dart forth and back and up and down. These movements of the eyes can be related to the images we are watching in dreams but this is not known for a fact. The reason for the movement of the eyes in this phase is still unknown. Eyes are moving but the muscles which move the body are completely paralyzed however some important parts like diaphragm and heart keep on functioning.

  • NREM sleep . In this phase, one moves from the first stage to the fourth stage and it includes movement from light sleep to deep sleep in stage four. It is quite difficult to awaken someone who is in the deep sleep stage. During the NREM sleep, we have very little muscle activity and our eyes don't move but all other muscles still function properly.

Seven Reasons for Disturbing Your Sleep

Have you ever wondered what causes your poor quality sleep? Below are seven common factors that disturb your sleep. What you should do to have a good sleep is to avoid them and apply the right actions.

1. Not getting enough sleep or correct sleep types

The real issue to be dealt with is getting good sleep and then waking up comfortably. However, if you don't get enough sleep, it is less likely to feel good. According to some research, an adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep. During sleep, we go through the five stages which are discussed above. These sleep cycles last for almost 90 minutes every night and it is recommended one gets five sleep cycles every night which makes up for seven and a half hours. Even if you are going to bed late, make sure that you get at least three sleep cycles or four and a half hours of sleep.

2. Inconsistent sleep

If you are looking to get enough sleep, make sure that you sleep consistently as well. In case you are getting enough sleep but still wake up exhausted, the only solution is consistency. The human body feels more comfortable with consistency. This means that your body and mind will be more comfortable if you go to bed and wake up every day at the same time. The chemical and hormones used by organs will get used to the regular pattern. When you change these patterns, your body will take time to adapt to the new routine. When you change your sleep patterns, the body undergoes micro jet-lag. Then you will feel groggy, and find it hard to wake up. This will surely affect your daily tasks as well.

3. Drinking caffeine in the afternoon

Many people need coffee to pass through the day but some studies show that drinking coffee after 2 p.m. can impact your sleep. Caffeine can easily diminish or even ruin your sleep quantity and quality. There is no issue in the tea or coffee but make sure that you don't take it after 2 p.m. if you are looking for a good and sound sleep.

4. Eating food 2 or 3 hours before sleep

Taking food before going to bed can disturb your sleep. When you eat before going to bed, the body is still at work after sleep, digesting food. Sugar, processed food, and some other foods are very hard to digest and can easily wake you up. Make sure you have a digestible dinner and it is also recommended not to eat anything two to three hours before going to bed.

5. Uncomfortable room temperatures

As noise and pain can disturb your sleep, similarly excessive heat and cold can also destroy your sleep. According to some researches, the ideal temperature for sleeping is from 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your bedroom at the most comfortable temperature.

6. Excessive drinking

Drinking also disturbs your sleep because it can lead to many wakeups during the night and also decreases the time we spend in the REM sleep. Make sure that you avoid drinking before going to bed.

7. Sleep position isn't ideal

Sleep position also matters in giving you a sound sleep. Generally, it is thought that sleeping on your back is the worst position to sleep in because it blocks your breathing. But if we look at it from the orthopedic point of view sleeping on the back is the best choice. Similarly, if you have some shoulder, hip, or knee issues, sleeping on your back can help in taking away the pressure. However, the best position to sleep in, after looking at all the health aspects is sleeping on the left side of the body.


Getting a sound night's sleep is very important for the body and helps in performing the tasks of the next day. Read the issues given above that disturb your sleep and the ways in which you can prevent them.



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