6 Ways to Wear Grey Hair Without Looking Old
MARCH 17, 2020 - FASHION

If you are attractive and love styling differently, chances are you are also considering how to wear grey hair without looking old. The good news is this is possible and does not involve too much hassle either. With a little imagination and initiative, it is possible not to look old despite the grey strands.

Also, don't forget that grey is often associated with wisdom and experience. If you can style it appropriately, it can even lend your personality a ravishing new stylish look that might well become your neighbor's envy.

Six Ways to Make You Appear Stylish in Grey Hair

I always feel that there are just two factors between you and well-styled grey hair — these are your self-confidence and societal pressure. So, if you are keen about how to look good with grey hair, believe in yourself and appreciate your inner beauty.

That is how you will be able to make it a style statement instead of mere acceptance for specific hair color. If blue and green hair color can be, why not try a few shades of grey too.

1. Start with a few strands or a highlighted patch of grey

If you want people to accept your grey hair, let them transition gradually. Initially, I started with a few strands, and people started noticing it with wonder. But eventually, they got used to the salt pepper look. That really gave me a great advantage.

Moreover, it gave me the confidence to carry my grey hair look without inhibition. Therefore, in the beginning, a little transition from black to grey hair with proper styling is crucial to make sure that it is not associated with old age.

2. Maintain the shine of your hair with appropriate products

One of my key concerns about not using hair care products, especially color, was protecting my hair from becoming dry. This is a very important consideration as you get into coloring your hair.

Therefore, you have to make sure that you are using the right combination of hair care products to let your hair appear healthy and well cared for. It should not turn fuzzy and dry. That's when styling grey hair becomes difficult. I also use home-made packs made of fruits and vegetable puree combined with eggs, honey, and chickpea flour. This mixture also helps to retain the natural moisture.

3. Go for a softer and lighter look

The choice of hair care products is crucial when you are trying out various ways of how to wear grey hair without looking old. Think of those with blonde or lighter color hair and what works for them. So, as a rule, I avoid any heavy hair oil or hair serum.

The most important advantage is this keeps my hair lighter and does not allow dust to settle in. This immediately ensures that I can maintain the natural bounce of the hair that is often associated with youthfulness. However, that does not mean that I will not use hair care products that can soften the hair the way oil or serum does.

4. Go for shorter length

If you draw a straw poll or just undertake a case study of all those who are carrying the grey hair look successfully, you will see that most have it rather short. Short hair cuts and grey hair are an absolute match made in heaven. The shorter length of the hair anyway introduces a younger age perception and creates a sense of youthfulness.

As a result, the grey color then becomes more of a style statement. It also serves a practical purpose. With color, your hair keeps getting dry, and the chances of split ends and hair fall increases. The shorter length keeps all those problems at bay.

5. Wear make-up and clothes that go well with grey hair

You must also learn to pair your make-up and clothes in a way that they sync in with your grey hair. That way, your overall look will be comparatively more coordinated and create a sense of intense poise. It will make you look chic and sophisticated with minimalist styling.

6. Maintain a regular skincare routine

One of the problems with grey hair color is it makes the flaws in your skin stand out. So if you are keen about coloring your hair grey, then it is vital to pay attention to your skin and preferably opt for a complete skincare routine.

First and foremost, it will revitalize your skin and make you appear youthful. Secondly, this will add a glow to your face and take the attention away from your graying hair. It creates a sense of subtle, understated beauty about you that is hard to ignore.


If you ask me, does grey hair make you look older, I would say no. You can look older even with a head full of jet black hair if you do not pay proper attention to it. The trick is to nurture your hair well and take appropriate care. That way, the hair will be shiny, lustrous, and empower you to style it just any way you want. Often that goes a long way in revamping your entire get up and helps you look trendier.

Therefore, the trick to master how to wear grey hair without looking old is all about your sense of innate styling and the confidence with which you carry this look.

You must believe in yourself and choose a style of haircut and color that makes your personality stand out. If you think the grey will do the trick for you, embrace it with all your heart.

So, trust yourself and go out and own your new grey look with aplomb and see how appreciation starts showering in.



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