6 Great Legging Options With Pockets

The pocket for me is often a deal clincher when I am looking for any kind of clothing. Imagine yourself in the trial room, checking a new dress, and suddenly your hands slide into a pocket. As a result, this makes you feel stylish and comfortable. It is not different for leggings either.

If I find leggings with pockets, chances are I might be picking up one of every shade. These pockets add functionality effortlessly to your stylish outfits and give a sense of subtle usefulness. Whether you are going for a jog or working out in the gym, it gives you an easy option to keep your phone and store some loose change.

Six Cool Legging Options With Pockets

Often the question is how to choose the best leggings with pockets? The addition of the pocket makes it functional, but the fit is crucial. You must make sure that it does not bulge out or add unwelcome weight to your legs. The design and the comfort aspects are the other key elements that you have to concentrate on. This is because the leggings are essentially used for physical workout and daily wear.

M&S Go Train Leggings

This legging features pockets both at the back and at the sides. This is very useful as you can shift the mobile phone to any of the pockets, depending on your comfort. They are tight hugging but, at the same time, immensely comfortable.

As a result, whether you indulge in heavy exercise or just a walk to the nearby grocery store, this legging is just the right alternative for you. The quality of the material and the brand's penchant for appropriate styling also makes this a rather versatile alternative that serves multiple purposes in one masterstroke. It is also a durable one, and all of these combined make this my top choice.

Lululemon Fast and Free Tight

These high waisted yoga pants with pockets are comfortable, cool, and are of extremely good quality. The high waist length ensures that I can team it up with shorter tops as well. This is a very convenient one, as the material is easily washable.

The addition of the pocket enhances the functionality of these pants. This is also an extremely affordable option and easily one of my favorites. As a result, I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great workout option. It, side by side, also serves as a great alternative when I want to quickly grab anything decent and rush to the local store for essentials.

Under Armour UA Speed Stride Capri

If you ask me, this is a versatile value buy. Whatever the season might be, these leggings are extremely useful. The pockets add to their functionality and make them a super comfortable option. However, what attracts me most is the budget element. This gives me the flexibility to buy it in bulk, and the multiple color options make sure I am spoilt for choice at all times. This is decidedly my go-to option when I am shopping for trendy wear in which I can also run errands and finish my workout wearing the same thing. All I need are multiple t-shirts to go with these.

Lorna Jane All In Phone Pocket Tight

Stylish, sexy, and functional — these leggings with a pocket is a match made in heaven. What really makes it a deal clincher, of course, is the high waistband. That makes it possible for me to wear it just anywhere. I am not worried about the leggings rolling down when I am bending down. Particularly, if you go out with small kids to the park or any such crowded areas, this is my recommendation to you for a functional legging. Moreover, the waistband also helps balance out the weight of the phone in the side pocket. It does not allow the phone to drag the leggings lower.

Fabletics Mid-Rise Ultracool Shine-Panel 7/8

This adjustable legging is my recommendation when you are going for an extended journey and not very sure about the kind of workout clothes you need. The adjustable legging gives me the option to make this as tight as I want. Most importantly, it does not allow the mobile phone's weight in the pocket to drag down the legging lower.

This is a great advantage if you are going on an extended trip. So I suggest you keep an option like this handy in your wardrobe at all times. The material is ultra-cool and helps you remain comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. In case there is a sudden change in weather, and you are outside.

POSHDIVAH Ultra Soft Yoga Pants

This legging with pockets has two primary advantages for me. One is, of course, the material, which is extremely comfortable and easily washable. This is what makes it very versatile. But that apart, this one is available in multiple color options like black, grey, and purple.

That essentially means you get the same comfort and style in three different colors in one go. The pocket is like an icing on a cake, adding to its versatility simultaneously. These are super stretchy and provide just the right degree of compression when you get into low workout regimes. The pockets seamlessly merge with the sleek styling of these leggings.


As you can see, these affordable options are amongst the best leggings with pockets. These easily offer you stylish options even when you are on a budget. These add to the glamour quotient of your wardrobe by many notches and help you glam up even most functional wear by many notches.

Therefore, if you are keen on versatile, functional and stylish wear, especially in the morning, legging with pockets is the ideal option. These are not just very comfortable; they also add adequate glamour quotient to your dressing sense. Functional wear need not always be boring or oversized, and these leggings are perfect examples of that.



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