6 Best Options of What to Wear Under a See-Through Dress
JUNE 09, 2020 - FASHION

Often the glamour of a sheer dress is emphasized by the right accessories. Therefore, I feel it is very important to understand what to wear under a see- through dress as it will help you to decide on the option to go for. The idea is not just about wearing something to cover you up but also to add to the style quotient.

You need to be open about experimenting with a variety of material and looks before finalizing. Remember, see-through dresses are mostly summer wears. So I believe your comfort is as important as the style. The trick is always about drawing the perfect balance.

Tips on How to Choose

Balance is the buzzword in the overall approach about what to pair with your see-through dresses. Sheer dresses can be sexy, stylish, and absolutely fun to wear. However, what makes it tick is how and what you pair with.

I suggest looking for comfortable and easily camouflaged options. Choose the swimwear or leotard over your boxer shorts. Be careful about the color of what you wear underneath. It should not just complement your sheer dress but match your skin tone. Only then, you can get that perfectly seamless and stylish look. Most importantly, remember to wear whatever you choose with confidence. That is often the best embellishment.

Some Convenient and Cool Options to Wear Under a See- Through Dress

I decided to make it as easy for you as possible. So here is your ready reckoner of what to wear under a see-through dress. These are easy to procure and wonderful to look at dressing tricks that can win you loads of appreciation. Additionally, these are easy on your pocket. These help you stay cool even on the hottest days of the year in a chic and pretty way. So this summer, don't compromise on the sheer wear but know what to wear underneath. This will help you unleash your fashion power in a true sense.

Bandeau bra or a pretty bra to your rescue

This is one of the easiest and one of my favorite ways to pair appropriate innerwear with a see-through dress. You have the option of investing in a designer or pretty bra, or you can even choose a bandeau bra. Though this may sound rather conventional, this is a pairing that can hardly go wrong.

What makes it an immensely winning combination is its hit rate. Subtle and flirtatious, it highlights your assets without being too revealing and accentuates the sheer dress to your advantage. You can also choose to be adventurous with the color options for these.

Use a swimwear or leotard to pair with it

The swimwear or a leotard is another easy to wear choice but stylish nevertheless. I feel it gives you the flexibility to experiment as well as stick to classic concepts. You can wear something that matches your skin tone like nude pink or a muted beige. Remember, your comfort is a primary pre-condition in this case.

A long cardigan

A sheer dress does not always have to be the top layer. You can always use it as an option to accentuate the rest of the look. You can wear a long cardigan or a top to mimic the short dress look. The most interesting aspect of this combination is that it creates a unique and eye-catching appeal. It is also that unique kind of pairing that helps you stand out even in a room full of people. It is also easy to try out dress options that hardly need any additional accessories to make you look beautiful and stylish.

Power of accent

Instead of the sheer dress becoming the top layer, you can also try the concept of multiple layering and make the sheer dress one of the layers. This serves a dual purpose. It addresses the concern about what to wear underneath, and at the same time, it makes you look stylish, dressy, and yet comfortable. Basically, this is a win-win combination that addresses most of the tenets of cool and confident dressing. That ensures that heads are sure to turn when you enter the room dressed in your best. You can also use bold colors to accentuate the layers further.

A mini skirt underneath

This is a straightforward option when you are undecided about what to wear under see-through dress. While the tank top on top can be added to it, but it all depends on the demands of the sheer dress you choose. The cardinal condition is to create a cool and sophisticated look. The skirt underneath looks good in a matching color tone or slightly darker shades and accentuates your body's natural curves and tones. You also need to be mindful of the length of the skirt and how it pairs with the overall sheer dress' length.

Use details like boning and tassel

If you ever heard the saying that the devil is in details, this is the time to rightly use it to your advantage. Often when you invest in a good looking piece of clothing and are unsure about what to wear under a sheer dress, try using details to cover your modesty without compromising the style quotient. Elegant, graceful and quirky, it undeniably brings out your unique appeal in a beautiful and subtle way. This type of styling always stays in sync with the trend and gives you the option of adding colors to your sheer dressing.


Therefore if you are still not sure about what to wear under a see-through dress, go with any of the six options we have gathered for you. These are some of my cost-effective, stylish picks and almost always work with the most different kinds of sheer dresses. Most importantly, it will keep you cool with regards to your style quotient as well as dealing with the summer heat.



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