6 Best Cheap Perfumes for Ladies
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Finding a perfume that fits a lady's budget can be difficult at times because there are so many types available. You are not always going to find the right scent at your local store. You need to do your research well before choosing a type. Online stores are convenient ways of doing your market research to find the best cheap perfume. However, it is important for you to select the best cheap perfume for ladies from a recognizable designer, brand, or celebrity. Some of the things you can look out for in a fragrance you buy it include:

  • Different notes (things that determine the overall scent) in the perfume (top, middle, and base)

  • Ideal skin type to avoid allergic reactions

  • Cost

  • Purpose of the perfume (work or casual use)

List of Best Cheap Perfumes

Here are some of the best affordable perfumes for women you can consider buying, ranging between $20 and $60.

Can Can by Paris Hilton

Can Can by Paris Hilton is the best perfume for young ladies who want to feel energized. Paris Hilton, a renowned celebrity and brand, has ventured into the fragrance making business. Paris Hilton's Can Can for women is a body spray that has been manufactured with the blend of woodsy scent coupled with the touch of fruity notes. This fragrance is inspired by the song Lady Marmalade and the movie Moulin Rouge.

The main ingredients of the Can Can include wild orchid, nectarine, clementine flower, cassis, orange blossom, amber, and woods. These ingredients make it the ultimate choice for teenagers as well as women aged below twenty-five years. Its price tag of $22.49 won't make you sweat for it, thus making it one of the best affordable perfumes for women.

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler's Angel for women is a fragrance that provides an appealing scent that is impeccably feminine. Young ladies will love that this perfume lasts long, and it contains the sweet mixture of cream and vanilla hints.

Introduced in 1992, this perfume has remained a top performer as a cheap perfume for women. The fragrance contains the aromatic notes of fresh citrus, patchouli, plums, peaches, sandalwood, vanilla, and melons. This perfume is ideally worn during the day, especially for working ladies or even when going out with your friends during the weekend.

The bottle of the Angel perfume features blue gems as well as skillfully sculpted facets giving a reflection of light and shadows. Even though it is not refillable, its price tag of $56.60 makes it a perfect choice for young ladies who want to smell nice.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

It is perfect for you if you are a young working lady. However, you can still wear it for your weekend getaways. The Light Blue perfume by Dolce & Gabbana is a perfume that is enriched with a woody, citrusy, and floral twist. This perfume provides the fragrance that most people who wear say is iconic.

You are assured of capturing attention while wearing this fragrance. If you are going for a summer retreat, it is the appropriate cheap perfume for you. It offers you a rejuvenating and refreshing scent that also appeals to men. This feminine perfume comes with the hints of white rose, bamboo, jasmine, cedar wood, bluebell, and apple. It is a casual perfume that goes for $45.99 on Amazon that you can easily manage for your perfect scent.

Michael Kors for Women by Michael Kors

It is one of the best affordable perfumes for women who like deep floral notes making it a wonderful choice for a romantic setting. This perfume that is designed by Michael Kors provides a strong floral fragrance that balances well with some refreshing hints. Among the top notes is the tuberose that offers this perfume its signature appealing scent.

The fragrance will attract people to you, and its long-lasting nature ensures you enjoy it throughout the day.

Bright Crystal by Versace

If you are the adventurous, go-happy kind of girl who loves partying, it is the best cheap perfume for ladies for you. It is also a good option for women aged below thirty years as well as a decent fragrance for women who like wearing perfume when going to work. The Bright Crystal by Versace is one of the perfumes for women that are packaged in a super-elegant bottle. There is no doubt you will love the fresh aquatic and floral scent of this fragrance.

This perfume is suitable for ladies who love a classy fragrance as well as those who wish to capture that special guy's attention. It is accentuated with notes of Yuzu, iced accord, lotus flower, musk, magnolia, vegetal amber, and peony. You are assured of a good scent throughout the day courtesy of the sweet-smelling notes.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh

If you are looking for an ideal fragrance for summer or spring days, this is the choice for you. It can also be worn for casual occasions, such as brunch or even to work. Talk of a multipurpose perfume! This fragrance designed by Marc Jacobs was introduced in 2011, packaged in a bottle that has a whimsical daisy top. The skillful presentation is not the only reason why women prefer it.

The perfume in the bottle contains the top notes of pear, raspberry, and grapefruit; the middle notes of rose and apple blossoms as well as the base note of musk and plum. All of these notes playfully integrate with each other hence creating a scent that is rich with a soft fragrance and a moderately lasting scent. It is the best cheap perfume for women who love a light, fruity scent.


Choosing the ideal perfume for you is not going to be as simple as picking one from a list. You are different from other ladies, which means you need a unique perfume for you. The best perfume for another woman may not necessarily be the one that blows you away. Explore the options and choose one that pleases you.



Olivia Wilson -
I like Marc Jacobs so I may try their perfume as well. The bottle looks cute!
Aurora Clark (The Author) -
Sure, when I choose perfumes in some stores, it always catches my eyes.
Melinda Johnson -
I use Versace much often. It smells fresh and sweet!
Aurora Clark (The Author) -
Yes, it is also a classical type.


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