16 Best Outdoor Games to Play with All Summer Long
JUNE 14, 2021 - LIFE

It's finally that time of the year again. Don't just waste the beautiful weather cooped up in your room. Be sure to enjoy the great sunny outdoors with your loved ones. While traveling might still be out of the question, you can always have a small get-together in your backyard, be it a BBQ or a pool party.

Of course, no parties are complete without games. Board games are a classic, but have you tried considering getting lawn games? Lawn or outdoor games would be perfect to curb stress and maximize your fun under the sun.

We've compiled a list of some of the best lawn games, from the classics to the new favorites. Why not check them out so you can enjoy them with your friends and family?

1. Kan-Jam Ultimate Disc Game

Who doesn't love frisbee? Make it even more fun and challenging with Kan-Jam. Form two teams and compete to get the most points. The goal here is to shoot the disk through the slot or simply hit the can.

Sharpen your aim and coordination while bonding with your friends through a round of Kan-Jam.

2. Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying Disc

No need to cut the fun short when the sun goes down. With this awesome LED frisbee you can still play throw with your friends late into the night.

Having multiples discs thrown at the same time will make your summer night party look even cooler.

3. Supersized Pong Game

Take beer pong to the next level with this Supersized Pong Game. Set the huge buckets into two triangles on opposite sides and aim to dunk your ball on the opposing team's bucket.

Easy to carry and set up, this pong set is perfect for yard parties, beach days, and camping trips alike.

4. Collapsible Cornhole Set

Cornhole is a classic lawn game that everyone knows and loves. It's simple and can be enjoyed by adults and youngins alike.

This particular cornhole set is perfect for family gatherings. The boards are lightweight and collapsible, making them easy to transport and set up. This way you can start playing within minutes.

5. Giant Jenga

Who doesn't love Jenga? Take this beloved game to your backyard with this supersized Jenga set. Standing at over 5 feet, this Jenga tower will definitely impress your friends and family.

Perfect for poolside and BBQ parties, this Jenga set will awaken everyone's passion for competition.

6. Glow-in-the-Dark Lawn Darts Game

You simply can't have a party without darts. Instead of a board, this set has several target rings that you can set at different distances. Form teams and take turns throwing your darts into the rings.

This kid-friendly version has rounded dart tips so it's safer for everyone. Plus, they glow in the dark and will look super cool in the evening!

7. Win SPORTS Giant Yard Dice Game Set

These giant wooden dice are perfect for a game of yard Yahtzee, or Yardzee. The objective is simple, get the most points by rolling the dice. Don't forget to keep track of your scores with the set's dry-erase scorecards.

Simple yet entertaining, these super-sized dice will provide hours of fun for the entire family!

8. Regulation Bocce Set

Pick up this old-time favorite for your next family gathering! Even though bocce has been around since Ancient Roman times, it's still a well-beloved lawn game even now.

Choose your team color and get ready to beat the opposing team! A healthy dose of competition will make any family gathering more enjoyable and exciting.

9. Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

Hone your aiming skills with a classic game of horseshoe. Got no sandbox? No problem, this horseshoe set comes with flat-bottomed poles that can be set anywhere you like.

Since the set is made of rubber, it will be safe and easy to play for everyone, from beginners to horseshoe champions.

10. Elite Sportz Ring Toss

Miss going to summer carnivals? This ring toss set will remind you of those festivals you attended as a kid. It will definitely be a hit at every event.

Here's a fun tip: keep track of everyone's throws and offer some gifts for certain points for the full carnival game experience.

11. Capture the Flag Redux

Having a sleepover? Keep the evening interesting with this thrilling Capture the Flag Game. The game pieces glow in the dark, so your backyard will literally look like a video game in real life.

The best part? This game allows up to 20 players at a time. Perfect for when you have a full house and want to make sure no one feels left out.

12. Backyard Golf Cornhole Game

Even though the local putt-putt arena isn't open yet, you can still play mini-golf. This game is a hybrid between golf and cornhole that you can play in your own backyard. It features three target holes, each with its own points for challenging and dynamic gameplay.

Want to raise the stakes? Invite your friends to have a mini-golf tournament.

13. Giant 4-Connect-In-A-Row

Connect Four has always been a fun classic tabletop game. So, why not take it up a notch with this super-sized version? A match in this giant board will be a great spectacle for everyone at your party.

Challenging yet addicting, this strategy game is loved by kids and adults alike.

14. Hey! Play! Wooden Lawn Bowling Set Game

Miss bowling? Now you can have your very own bowling alley in your backyard! Get this lawn bowling set and have some fun. It comes with 11 gorgeous wooden bowling pins and two lightweight wooden balls.

This lawn bowling set is sure to be a hit with kids, teens, and adults of all experience levels.

15. Champion Sports Scoop Ball Set

Say goodbye to lazy summer days with this scoop ball set! Run around and toss the balls, lacrosse-style, for an action-packed day under the sun. It's a great way to curb boredom while getting some exercise.

Here's a fun tip: use water balloons instead of the regular balls as a refreshing twist for a hot summer day!

16. Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set

Want something new? Check out Kubb! This Nordic-inspired game is an interesting cross between horseshoes, cornhole, and bowling.

Easy to play yet challenging, Kubb is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for kids and adults alike. This unique yard game will definitely be your new favorite.

Closing Thoughts

Summer is the season for fun. And of course, what can be more exciting than playing games with your loved ones under the blue skies? So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to take your summer to the next level and let the games begin!



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