9 Amazing Sustainable Fashion Brands You’ll Adore

The fashion industry has a massive waste problem. Luckily, consumers are becoming more conscious of their spending, choosing to buy from brands with low environmental impact. For that reason, more sustainable fashion brands are popping left and right.

As consumers, our money speaks. So, we need to make sure our money goes towards brands that are actually doing real work for the environment. Here are 9 amazing ethical and sustainable fashion brands you'll love to support.


Established in 2004, Veja is one of the best ethical and sustainable shoe brands. This French fashion brand ensures that every material they use, from wild rubber to organic cotton, can be traced back to their source.

Veja spends considerable time to ensure that no exploitation, discrimination, or child labor is involved in their supply chains. They also partner with Atelier Sans Frontières to help provide employment to those struggling to find work. For that reason, Veja is the perfect combination of environmental and social sustainability.

All the while, Veja never sacrifices style either. Veja pays impeccable attention to their designs. Having been a favorite of people like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, Veja's gorgeous tennis-style sneakers are even considered classics.


Reformation is one of the It Girls' favorite brands. With elegant feminine silhouettes and beautiful vintage-inspired designs, it's no wonder A-listers, such as Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, and Emily Ratajkowski keep coming back to this brand.

Reformation has always been upfront about its commitment to the environment. The brand started by selling vintage pieces in 2009 and grew to make its own designs with sustainable fabrics, such as repurposed clothing and old stock materials.

Moreover, Reformation also understands the impact fashion has on garment workers. Thus, the brand vows to create a healthy working environment for its workers. Reformation pays great attention to ensure their workers are paid fairly and have their rights upheld.


Kotn is the go-to brand for sustainable and comfortable basics. They use ethically sourced organic Egyptian cotton to create ultra-soft, breathable, yet affordable clothes. On top of that, they also offer home essentials, such as blankets, quilts, and duvet sets.

Working directly with cotton farmers in Giza, Kotn ensures no discrimination or exploitation happens in any part of their supply chains. Every worker is paid fairly and given a safe working arrangement.

Moreover, Kotn also gives back to the community. This Canadian brand works closely with NGOs in the Nile Delta to stop the child labor cycle by supporting local education efforts.


Denim production can be extremely harmful to the earth. The process usually uses a bunch of toxic chemicals that can pollute the environment. Fortunately, the heritage jeans brand, Levi's is committed to clean up their act.

Levi's aims to have 100% renewable energy in their facilities, use 100% sustainably sourced cotton, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2025. The brand also continues to create innovative fabrics, such as hemp cotton, which requires fewer resources and produces less waste to produce.

Levi's also has a Worker Well-Being program, in which the brand partners with suppliers and local organizations to improve the lives of their workers. Today, around 80% of Levi's workers are enrolled in the program.


Patagonia is one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion. Founded in 1973, Patagonia has been committed to saving the environment for decades. Patagonia has even been named one of the UN's Champions of the Earth for its sustainable business practices and advocacy work

Right now, around 64% of Patagonia's products are made with recycled materials. Meanwhile, an amazing 82% of Patagonia's product line is sewn in Fair Trade Certified facilities around the world, ensuring workers get livable wages as well as a safe and fair work environment.

Patagonia also promotes upcycling through ReCrafted. It's a collection in their secondhand marketplace, Worn Well. The line uses recycled fabric scraps to create unique renditions of classic Patagonia styles

Girlfriend Collective

Based in Seattle, Girlfriend Collective is a fashion brand that focuses on producing minimal, luxurious, and eco-friendly active-wear. Most of their items are made with ECONYL® yarn. ECONYL® nylon is a strong and durable fabric made with recycled carpets, plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other waste products.

On top of being sustainable, Girlfriend Collective also promotes diversity and body positivity. With their wide size ranges, Girlfriend Collective caters to everyone, no matter what their size is.


From parkas and jackets made with recycled bottles and fishing nets to sneakers constructed with locally sourced canvas, Tretorn is all about sustainability. This Swedish brand creates functional and long-lasting pieces using recycled materials to help reduce wastes in the world.

In 2016, the brand launched its Eco Essentials initiative. Initially, they aimed to manufacture 50% of their outerwear responsibly by 2020. By now, they have achieved that goal and the figure stands closer to 80%


Founded almost three decades ago, Boden is one of the leading sustainable fashion brands in the UK. Moreover, Boden is also a longstanding member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. This means Boden follows ILO labor practice codes closely to ensure all their workers' well-being.

Boden has also pledged to solely use fabrics that come from sustainable and renewable resources.


With the philosophy of "Fewer, Better", Cuyana creates timeless pieces with elegant silhouettes and impeccable attention to detail. They ensure that each of their pieces is high-quality and durable so they don't end up in the landfill.

Cuyana products are made with ethically sourced and traceable luxury fabrics, such as Bluesign-certified Chinese silk and Oeko-Tex-certified Italian cashmere. They also employ skilled craftsmen from all around the world while ensuring no exploitation happens within their supply chains.

Closing Thoughts

Garment waste is a massive issue in today's world. It's important for you, the consumer, to be more conscious of your contribution to ending that problem.

That said, you don't have to sacrifice your style for that. From high-end brands to affordable ones, there are tons of ethical and eco-friendly fashion options out there. That way, you can enjoy your days being stylish with a clear conscience



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